Monday, February 27, 2006

Hairy Fairy Tale - Part II

PS: If you have not read the Part I please do read it first .. I will be refering to some of the characters here.. :)(PS inside PS: I know PS is Post Script.. But I have redefined it as Pre-requisite Script :D)

The next time I went to the beauty parlor was a whole new experience. Until then, I had only witnessed all the things that were done to all those ladies. But this time I went in there to 'Shape my eyebrow' .. You would think that this is the most simple thing.. Just a few strokes and it is done..But no it is one helluva painful process ..

Okay So I went in and told the lady in charge ( ya the red lipstick one) that I wanted my eyebrows done.. I had never done it before so was a little apprehensive about what was in store. As usual I was asked to wait.. They lady sitting next to me looked like a seasoned customer.. So I warily asked her,"Um.. Does threading hurt??". She gave me an amused look and said,' No dear, just a little .. like mosquito bites.. thats all".. Mosquito bites.. yieeekkkks!!(nala naalilliye nambalukkom mosquitoeskum aagaadu..hmm.. )

After waiting in the que for half an hour almost, finally my turn came.. I was happy that the wait
had finally ended but worried that I would have to face the mosquitoes whatever.. The seat was like the Dentist's chair with a lot of things jutting out.. I went there and sat gingerly. A sweet looking lady came to me and said,"First time, is it? Dont worry it will be alright." She took a tiny tooth brush ..( er.. I believe it is not called a tooth brush .. But it looks like one so I think I will stick to calling it that.. )and started brushing my brows with it.. Hmm.. only then did i know that you can comb your eyebrows too !!!!

The lady took out a peice of thread, held one end of the thread in her shiny white teeth and twisted the other end repeatedly until it became a coiled rope.. She then bent over my face and with the thread moved it across my eyebrow..As she moved towards my face she came so close that I could see the patterns on her teeth.( If you have not noticed them before .. well get your eyebrows threaded ..he he ). It was like looking at her teeth and face through a magnifying glass.. it appeared gigantic.

The first stroke was really painful.. Is this what u call a mosquito bite?? I wonder what the size of a mosquito would be at her place ???.. Ouch... Ouch... I kept flinching and crying.. But In the end.. it was worth it.. out came Ms.V with a bright face and arched eyebrows.

Well it takes a little getting used to. Once you are used to it.. u still crib .. well I do :) .. But your face does looks bright and nice :) which is perhaps why all we girls do it..

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cricket - A nice explanation

Have you watched 'Mind your Language'? Well it is one of the most hilarious show I have ever seen.. once there was an explanation on how cricket is played. Let me see how much I can reproduce .. But if you can get hold of the serial do watch it ..

Mr.Brown (The English Professor explains the game) “There are two teams with 11 players each. One side is in while the other is out. Well what I meant was one side is on the field while the other is inside. The first two men, the batsmen, walk onto the field to bat while the other side is on the field, fielding. One guy bowls the ball and the other tries to hit it. When they get out they go back to the pavilion and another guy comes in. Did you get what I said?"
Student : "Oh yes Professorry! I get it.. The point here is while they are in, they are not actually in but they are out. But while they are out, they are not actually out but they are in... palayamo what a game!!!"

PS: Hey Guys I am taking a break for a week will be back next week with more useless topics and useless commentry to addle your brains and mine ;-)

Friday, February 17, 2006


People are watching you!!!! Isnt this what makes us so aware of ourselves and our surroundings? The fear of being watched.

Why is it that we humans are interested in what the other person is doing? Why are we always comparing and trying to find out where we are and where the other person is.(okay me got enough explanation for this question) It is really unnerving to know that u r being watched ..atleast for me..

There are people who would do anything to get everybodyz attention. But there are some who'd do anything to stay behind the scenes. Most of the time it is a battle between these two that I fight in my mind.. Sometimes I want to let people know what and how I feel but at other times I try to make myself as inconspicuous as possible. There is a constant battle raging in my mind. What would others say .. Is it okay if I say this or do this?

But end of the day if others are happy with u, u are also happy. This is one assumtion on which most people work.. but I dont believe in it. I believe that we must satisfy our conscience.. When we do this automatically the others will be satisfied..Yes there will always be some who still find fault. But they are not to be considered...

I think all of us go through this but we never talk about it , do we? People have told me.. you must do what the society thinks is right.. Some have also told me that you must do what your heart says.. But most of the time we end up doing what both dont like.. At times I wonder why we do things for the sake of others. But we do it neverthless..

I know I started somewhere and ended somewhere else. But just thought Id put it up.. coz I know there are many of you out there thinking the way I do and my little rambling may give u an idea to write about.....

Thursday, February 16, 2006


'Its raining, its poring the old man is snoring'

A nursary rhyme that I used to like when I was a kid. Last week I read somewhere that a lady divorced her husband coz he was snoring.. How? I ask ..

Both my Dad and my bro snore so I guess it doesnt seem like a big deal to me.. But yea my mom hates it.. You should see her crib.. By the time I go to bed everybody else in the house is asleep. I hear appa in one room snoring and my bro in the other..

Snoring - Well u shud listen to it carefully.. It may give you an insight into what possible dream a person may have ;).. Appa says he has a dream less sleep.. well so do I but my mind manages to conjure up possible dreams that he might have from the way he snores :) Maybe this will be helpful to all those who want to decipher snores :)

Sometimes I wonder if there is somebody returning home in the middle of the night in an auto.. At othertimes it seems like he is having a fight with this Giant . At other times its a polite whistle which is like a little birdy sitting on a tree outside my kitchen window singing away to glory..

Well its not all that bad.. snoring.. yes it takes a little getting used to .. But I am used to it from when I was in my mommy's tummy so guess would miss it if my hubby didnt snore ;)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

SMS Language

"U mst do tis by urself"

My friend was starting at the monitor for a long time. I just peeped into his monitor and saw this written on his screen

"U mst do tis by urself"

He didnt say anything so I didnt bother. But a little while later he calls to me to help him correct this line

'You must do this to urself'

He showed me the green zigzag line that Word draws on your screen when it thinks what you have written is not right :) I thought he was kidding me. Well I should let u in on the background of this Guy. He is an cellphone addict.. He is always hooked onto his cellphone listening to the radio or chatting to somebody or if nothing else sending SMSes :)

Now the language that ppl use in SMS is always encrypted. Half the time I spend trying to decrypt these messeges. I wonder why ppl send messages that are encrypted. Ask them and they'll tell u that it is faster that way and that is the SMS trend.. Only through experience do u learn what each word is. When u think you have mastered this language a new word will pop up.

Okay, so this guy asks for help . He says 'Ms V I dont know whats wrong with this blasted machine' . One look at the screen and I said the spelling of yourself isnt urself but it is yourself.. And he says, 'Ah! yes.. so thats the problem'

SMS has created a lot of problems. One is that people forget the right spelling( not that they know in the first place) and two they start using them even in formal mails/letters. I read a while back that there are a number of cases reported in the hospital of sore thumbs. Thanx to SMSs where thumb is very vital to type messages.. Hmm I think a voice to text s/w would solve this problem .. what do u say? I for one.. take a long time to type so I hardly ever SMS.. But I guess it will be useful to those whose lives are dominated by SMS right from saying Good Morning to Good Night..

beep beep ... Oh there it comes again another one..

So, IMHO SMS s mrdrin d eng. lng

( Seri me shall give u the decrypted version - In my humble opinion SMS is Murdering the English Language)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Is 'It' a 'He' or a 'She'

"Why is it that we refer to a car/ a laptop / any electronic gadget as a she?"

I think we like to humanize anything and everything around us. Be it living or non-living. Initially when cars and motorbikes came into existence, it was the men who learnt to drive it and work with it. With time, they fell in love with these and started looking at them like their women :) Now this was ages ago.. So I guess from then on cars and mobikes have been refered to as "she" .

But if you ask me personally I would refer to my car as a he.. Yes I am trying to humanize my car and you'd say its just a car it is not a he or a she.. But I then I wouldn't like to call it her... Ask a Guy why he calls a car she and he'll probably tell you that the curves make it a female. But to me I think the sheer power makes it male.. Likewise my comp, my cellphone and every thing that i use day to day I would refer to them as "he".

But, the question is - isnt it an "it"??? Somehow I like to look at things like a human. Give it life, emotions, play around with it and have fun at its expense.. It keeps your mind occupied and u get a whole new perspective when u try and put your self in 'something' else's shoes.....

So is 'It' a 'He' or a 'She'?????

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My day @ the Bowling Alley

A mechanical arm sweeps the floor below and a crank clutches me, along with my nine brothers, by the neck and places us on the well polished wooden platform. From my postion I have a clear view of a long staight wooden road, so polished that I can see my reflection on it and a bunch of people at the end of this road waiting for me to settle down at this place.

If you have not guessed yet, I am a bottle shaped pin and I work in a bowling alley. This is a story about my typical day at work.

It is hard to like a job where u are hit, thrashed and swept out of the stage like you are nothing.. But I have always liked my job. Especially when a bunch of newbies come to the bowling alley for the first time.. Today was one such day..

A group of six people with three men and three ladies arrived at the bowling alley. I was placed in my customary 10th position. From here I have a very clear view of the young crowd. They were all twenty somethings clad in jeans and colourful T-shirts and waiting to try their hand at bowling. First was a girl who picked up a 8-pound ball. She was wondering how to hold it..I saw her looking curiously at the round devils(brr..they scare me). These devils have three hollow sockets on their face. They look very wicked especially when they are running towards me with that rage in their face and speed of a jet.

Well, she was a pretty thing, the girl, thin though but very pretty. She finally deciphered how to hold the round devil. She gingerly walked toward the threshold and bent down to roll the devil towards us. As she bowled, I heard a thundering noise of the bowling ball rolling towards us.. As it moved closer, the sound grew louder. I held my breathe and shut my eyes tightly in fear that I might be hit. But thank God!!these are a bunch of kids.. trying for the first time.. the round devil rolled into the side gutter and slowly made its way to the collection bin annoyed that he couldnt thrash us. Sadistic devil him..

Anyways, I breathed a sigh of relief. But I could see that her pretty face wore a sad expression. It broke my heart. But the she very sportively picked up another devil and walked towards us and rolled the ball. This time it hit my brother and he fell on my second and third brothers and finally all except me were down. The girl's face lit up. So happy that she'd hit us. She jumped with joy and the others around her cheered her..

One by one all of them tried their hand and every time I was lucky not to fall. And one particularly cherubic girl said 'One thing I dont know why :)' My! Linkin Park Song!! You may wonder if we have time to listen to Linkin Park but yes we do.. They play it afterwork here, a bunch of boys who clean us up. There were some good shots, there were others that were not so good but the one that I liked the most was by a cherubic girl. She came towads me , clutching a big red devil in her hand. She swung the round devil. I shut my eyes tight in fear. I heard a loud thud as I heard the devil hit the floor. I waited, waited and waited the finally opened my eyes. To my surprise everybody was laughing. I squinted to see what was happening. I saw that she had actually thrown the devil reverse .. ha ha.. and was looking at us with anticipation .. he he ..
These few incidents are what make my otherwise thrashed life worth the living.

PS: I went bowling the other day and this just came to my mind when I was watching my friend bowl in between turns...

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Mind-Stomach Relationship

I have always believed that the mind and stomach are not connected. But today a friend of mine asked me, 'Do you think there is a relationship between your mind and stomach?" My immediate response was 'No'. However, it got me thinking.

I think it works like this. The stomach signals to the mind that it is empty and the mind processes the data and determines that it is hungry. The output of this process is you knowledge that you are hungry. Now, I have always wondered how ppl can miss a meal when they are engrosed in work or when the mind is thinking about something.. Here is a plausible explanation.. I think when there is something more important on the mind, the mind is oblivious of all other signals from your body and hence when u r sad or engrossed you dont feel hungry..

Okies me shall go have lunch :D

Monday, February 06, 2006

Mr.Yellow and Mr.Orange

Have you heard of a Mr.Yellow or a Mr.Orange..

I was vetti at home on Saturday when I was thinking about the next Sari that I am gonna buy.. When I was thinking about the colour I saw an Ad on TV.. It flashed Mr.White on the screen..

I was just wondering.. Well, I have heard of a Mr.White, a Mr.Blue(Okay tho soap ad nu nineikarein.. freeya vidunga pa), Mr.Brown, Mr.Green but never a Mr.Yellow or Mr.Orange. .. Why are they partial to only the basic colours?

I have heard of girls being named Violet, Purple or pink( read pinky) but no orange.. hmm.. y? Isnt that a nice name? When u can name a person Violet, why not orange.. Maybe magenta would also be good. I wonder if there was a reason behind this..

N e wayz.. just suggesting new names here instead of the traditional Krishna, Rama, Govinda :)

PS: Arbit rambling.....dont ask what I was thinking when I wrote this :)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Laptops are convenient to carry and stay connected where ever u are. But people found that confidential company information was being carried out of the company premises. So in a move that shocked the world( at least it shoked me), the top management decided to bolt the laptops onto the employee's desk in order to prevent people from smuggling confidential information ...... hats off to these guys :) ( adichika mudiyala pa ivangala :D)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Dancing ....

I recently went for a Western Dance show. It was great and I loved every minute of it. But being a classical dancer I couldnt help but compare the two forms of dance.

Here is what I thought

Unlike Classical dancing, Western Dance does not have a lot of emotion in it. The focus in western dancing is mainly on the steps and the movements. Facial expressions play a very important part in any dance form. Yes Russian ballet has a lot of emotions in it. But I somehow missed the myriad expressions and movements that you can get to see in the classical dance performance.

The dependence of this dance form on music is another thing that I noticed. The mood of the audio combined with the steps create the emotions.. Like the Salasa is a very sensual dance form not just because of its steps but also thanx to the latino flavour of the music. Yes even in classical dance music plays an important part.. Dance is nothing without music. But with your expressions this can be overcome.

Dance, in itself is a means of self expression in which you use your body to communicate what you think and feel. But I dont seem to find that quality on western dances. I think I am being biased. Must explore on this a little more ..