Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Response

Can we recreate Tirupathi?

There can be no two exactly alike things on earth. So a replica will be a replica and I think you would agree with me. But the question is "Will there be the same positive energy seen at the replicas???"

I believe that the energy that we feel is prevalent all around us. It is just that we want to associate it to one place and one idol. If u look at it - a Dharshan at Tirupathi and Dharshan at T.Nagar( the Venkatachalapathi temple here) is the same.. (albiet more peaceful here as there is lesser crowd)

If you ask me, to recreate something like the Tirupathi experience is impossible for the experience is not just about the deity like Gils pointed out but the entire trip across seven hills, the Ram Bhagicha, the never ending queue, the sea of tonsured humanity, the telugu characters( as Vivek says "jelebi ya pitchu pota maadiri)and the jaragandis.

But to associate the energy that u feel at tirupathi is possible coz that is the energy thatyou feel when you are around the idol. To me I can feel the same energy when I visit the local Goddess' temple here.. So, does that mean that it is the deity that exudes the energy? No, it is my mind that associated such energy..

So now it is upto you to think and decide if there will be that "positive energy" at replicas.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Replica of Tirupathi

Read this article....

It is about building replicas of Tirupathi in various cities..
My Question : "Will there be the same positive energy seen at the replicas???"

PS: I will write about what I think after I hear what u have to say to this.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Food for Thought

Life is about choices where somebody else chooses for u and u just accept it. The best part is that u r fooled into believing that you made the choices....
Happiness is not something u get when u have achieved one level but what u get when u learn to accept what life has to offer to u...

I know really morbid thoughts .. I am back.. Will get back with a nice and lively post... Until then...