Monday, June 19, 2006


Since I have joined work, I have changed about 8 workstations/locations. But, it was only the last two shifts that I was a little sad about. Why is it that u get attached to a machine. Isnt a machine , well, just a machine? Everyone of them is identical , at least in office.. It has a dabba monitor, a CPU tower and a Internet Keyboard(Only in name .. there isnt any special button on it tho) and the configuration is the same...I dont know if it is the machine or the place and the people around u that makes the shift painful? . Even if the same people move with u to a different location, u still complain that ur old machine was better.

Machines, although a big bundle of wires, plastic and metal, are different . Some are slow, some are fast, some are dark(Black) while some others are fair(White). U r used to them, their little idiosyncracies. Like my keyboard had a problem with the control key.. and u know how it is if the control key does not work and that too for a s/w engineer..:D

I have often heard friends say, " hey my old machine was not like this. It was so sweet." Why a friend, my own old machine was damn slow. when I say damn slow I really mean slow. To open a word document it would take 2 minutes.. ( Well I got bored one day and timed it) But I still like that machine... why because it was slow.. I would just start an application and go for tea or go to my neighbour's desk for a chat and come back :)... But the new one was faster so that luxury is no longer there.. But yes this has its own advantages.. Its atleast faster...
Okay, I Know, You are wondering what I am trying to get at. Well, what I am trying to say is that we get attached to even inaminate things .. which seems very natural. This attachment to material things happens almost automatically. It isnt good but thats how the mind is .. it loves to get attached to "material things".

The Gita will tell u "Do not get attached to material things.. they will give u momentary happiness but u will never be able to get the complete eternal bliss that every person is looking for". But do u think that is possible?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A friend, Philosopher and Guide....Alan Sir

It is not often that you get a teacher who not just teaches but also guides you. Mr.A was one such man and whom the class is always indebted to. Alan, as he was fondly called, took classes for us from the fourth semester and right through to the eigth. We had so much fun in his classes. From being a timid teacher, talking to the blackboard, he became our guide and a dependable friend.

Alan Sir, you have been our inspiration, our teacher, our friend , our philosopher and guide. I thank you sir for all that you have contributed to my life.

Happy Birthday Alan Sir...

Monday, June 12, 2006