Saturday, December 31, 2005

Resolution Time ^_- Happy New Year!!!

This year, as all the previous years that went by, I have a resolution, yet again. This year, my resolution is to exercise regularly and thin down( well this has been my resolutions for the past five years now) and I end up breaking it :). Lets see what happens this year. I think I will end up breaking it. Very optimistic right?

Anyways, Happy New year to you all. And I hope you guys have made resolutions that you can break :D

PS: Will be back with interesting commentry on useless things next year.. :)

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Oh Butterfly! Butterfly!

I was out for a walk in the near by park where I noticed lots of kids playing . It brought back memories of my childhood days. Some of them were on the swing, some on the slide, some on the sea-saw while others flying a kite. But there was one little kid, who was moving stealthily towards a bush like a tigress moving towards her prey. I moved a little closer to her to see what she was upto and to my surprise I saw a bright orange and black butterfly, perched on a milky white flower and drinking in the honey. As I moved towards her the little girl turned towards me, wide-eyed with a finger on her lips urging me to be slient. Slowly she moved towards the butterfly and caught it by its wings. The triumph on her face was a real treat. I then began to wonder what she was going to do with it... Well she looked at the poor butterfly, gave it a soft kiss and let it go.... It just brought a smile on my face.

Its is really rare to find children playing out in the open, running and chasing each other. Now that the TV and computers have taken over the play world ...(sigh). But it has become even more rare to see a kid chasing butterflies, catching them and letting them go!Its so much fun... and the thrill that you get when u catch one of them...... The yellow ones used to be very difficult to catch, I remember.. It is these small joys in life that makes life worth living :D

Sunday, December 25, 2005

etc.... etc.....etc.....

Etc.: A sign to make others believe that you know more than you actually do.

I have alway wondered if people knew exactly what they were trying to say when they say et cetra... Most of the time no. It is a very cleverly coined word to give an impression to the listener that the speaker knows what he is talking about but is just too busy too explain them..But in reality it is a word used to cover up his/her ignorance.. okay not always but most of the time..

So the next time you use the word et cetra be sure you know what the et cetra is about coz you may have a listener like me who will prod you on what the etc is about :D

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Round and Round the Mulberry bush

Have you ever gone round and round with arms spread like the wings of an eagle gliding in the sky? Its an amazing feeling to cut through air, feel the resistance, to go round and round like a maniac and then, you can take it no more. So you drop to the ground and gaze at the blue sky. Everything around you is spinning, moving at speeds you never imagined. Slowly, everything slows down and the place is as still as ever. I still do this sometimes, when I go to the terrace, all alone.

But, only off late did I relate it to our lives.. This may sound crazy but here is what I thought .. When you start off, you are like the child, not knowing what is in store and how it will be. As you go round and round you like the feel of it which will be your adolescent and early twenties. You then increase your speed and spin as fast as you can, which I think will correspond to the middle ages where you amass a lot of wealth and build a family. And then you can take it no more, so you stop. I consider this to be the retirement stage. When you lie on the ground and watch the world spin , it will be your old age, reminiscing and watching others trying what you did . And finally the world comes to a halt and you are no more.......

PS: I know it is heights of imagination but just thought I'd share it with you guys :D

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Bluffmaster- Review

We were out on a team outing and there were six movies runing, Aaru, Kanda Naal Mudhal,Sandakozhi, Thavamai Thavamirundu, King Kong and Bluffmaster. Except bluffmaster,I had the reviews of all the other movies. So we decided to take the risk and it paid off ..

Bluffmaster is a good entertainer. Personally, I do not like AB(Jr) or Priyanka Chopra. But their chemistry was too good on the screen. With a down to earth character, she looks so natural. She seemed really right for the charater( Something like Asin in Gajni.. she was just right for the role).

The movie begins with gangster type scene with two guys negociating over a phone call. You wonder if this movie is gonna turn out like all the other Gangsta movies but you are in for a surprise!!

The story is about a guy how hoodwinks people and robs them. He compares people with the various types of fish.. a very interestng analogy. He makes a living out of this. Like any other story he falls in love with this girl and proposes to her. They decide to get married and on their engagement day, the truth about his profession is revealed. Now this guy is really really dejected and all .. Then one day he faints and they find out that he has brain tumour. (all that u can get in a masala movie).. The guy is dejected ..

Here is where the best line in the movie comes doc asks him ' How many days of your life do you remember? 10? 20 ? okay 30 days? 30 days out of 30 years of living.. So why waste the rest of the days complainign that you dont have more to live. live life to the fullest.. "

The most interesting character is the Villian played by Nana Patekar. A superb character. Right from his intro scene he captures the attention of the audience(I am a little partial to Villians.. amazing scope for acting..)The scene where a guy accidentaly hits his car and says,'it just looks like a little scratch, here is my card. I will pay for all the damages' and NP says, 'Do you have a pen please?' The guy gives him the pen and NP hurts him on his face and says, 'it just looks like a little scratch, here is my card. I will pay for all the damages'. Wow .. that was an amazing scene... He even takes an arathi of himself! The twist in the movie comes in the climax. I wont tell you what the twist is. But it really takes you surprise.

Overall, I would rate Bluffmaster 7 out of 10. A lot of humour thrown in and enough action to keep you on the edge of your seat. Its a good movie to watch....

Friday, December 16, 2005

Morning Blues

Its 6 o clock in the morning and I hear a distant sound. It is a very familiar sound.. The sound gets louder and clearer...where have I heard it? Oh no! its my phone trying had to awaken me from my deep slumber. I switch off the alarm and snooze for a while and then..again my phone starts to buzz.. This goes on for a while .. the battle between my alarm and sleep ..zzzz..Finally I get out of bed..reluctantly.. waking up to another day of boredom...

I wake up with this song running in my head..
I want to live, like animals
Careless and free
I want to run through the jungle
With wind in my hair and sand in my feet..(Savage Garden)

Ah! How I wish I could be that way. Sometimes I wish I never grew up. Just being that 'whining' school girl, dragging myself to school in the mornings with pigtails and a lunch bag.. ( school bag wasnt really important was it?:D). Those were the days when going to school so much more than just studying, going to school meant meant fun . Each day brought new friends, new fights, new topics to discuss, new lessons to be learnt.

As we grow up, more so once we start working, somehow we lose it all-the want to make friends, to talk for hours on the most tivial of things, to fight and to learn. Yes, we are now grown ups and we must act our age..Now all we do is to go on planned outings( team outings), play planned games(team games) and do planned stuff and talk about planning and the planned..The uncertainty that was there when we were kids is now replaced by this more mature way - 'planning'.. But it takes away the thrill of meeting each challenge that a new day brings with it.
I dont think we will ever be able to act like kids anymore but I guess we can still pamper the child in us.. So be yourself, quit planning and enjoy each day for what its worth. After all Life is short....

PS: All this sounds good in theory but its never gonna work I know.. so I guess its back to being our usual self..sigh...Back to work.. mails, meetings and management...

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Ear Chandeliers

Earrings come in so many different shapes and sizes. Some are long, some are short, some squat, some thin, some dressy while some aren't. Oh my! The world of earrings has so much to offer to girls these days.

I love collecting earrings. In fact I have a Hugh collection, a collection I started when I was in my fourth or fifth grade. Whenever I go to shopping I invariably get one or two. It was only in the newspaper that I happened to read of this phrase 'Ear Chandeliers'. Sounds good, doesn't it?
So in my curiosity I went to this shop keeper and asked 'Ear chandelier irukka pa?' He gave me one stiff stare are then relaxed a bit (guess he didn't want to drive me away). He showed me a number of things but none fitted the description in the newspaper.

Disappointed that I could not find my ear chandelier, I went to my friend's place. She had also apparently gone out shopping and was showing me some of her goodies and viola! I found it ! the ear chandelier. Yes, it looks very much like a chandelier with crystals and pearls intricately studded and draped around a gold jhumka hanging in a hugh gold ring. It is very pretty and looks dressy when you wear them.

On my way back I got myself a ear chandelier and with that I have added to my collection another interesting word- 'the ear chandelier'

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Cartoons, I love them...

I was talking to a friend of mine and he gave me this look when I said I still watch cartoons. He apparently doesnt..

Well, how can you not? They are funny, they are logical and they are illogical, they are imaginary and they are real, and they are so full of life, all just in one cute bundle!!
Cartoons drag me into this world of fantasy where possibilities are the limit of one's dreams. You could be like anybody you want. You could be this beautiful princess with long golden hair being kissed by a Prince charming or flying on magic carpets and exploring exotic places. You can do like no ones watching, sing like no ones listening, act foolish or funny or even make the sun raise from the west! This is what the world of animations has to offer to u.

The famous cartoon where the cat chases the rat and the dog chases the cat.. yes I am talking about Tom and Jerry... is my all time favorite. Even my Dad watches it !!It is pure, unadultrated fun. From Fred Flintstone to George Jetson, from Scooby-Doo to Popeye the sailor to the latest Japanese cartoons..(ah.. Inu Yasha...drool.. he is sooo cute!) every one is a master piece.. Each character is unique. Yet you can connect with them at some level. They are my panacea for stress. It works guys! try it..

If u have not watched a cartoon or have stopped watching them thinking they are childish , believe me u are missing quite a bit in life :)

PS: Now I get to see only those aired on POGO and ANIMAX thanx to the set top box :( .. Curse the TN govt..