Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Round and Round the Mulberry bush

Have you ever gone round and round with arms spread like the wings of an eagle gliding in the sky? Its an amazing feeling to cut through air, feel the resistance, to go round and round like a maniac and then, you can take it no more. So you drop to the ground and gaze at the blue sky. Everything around you is spinning, moving at speeds you never imagined. Slowly, everything slows down and the place is as still as ever. I still do this sometimes, when I go to the terrace, all alone.

But, only off late did I relate it to our lives.. This may sound crazy but here is what I thought .. When you start off, you are like the child, not knowing what is in store and how it will be. As you go round and round you like the feel of it which will be your adolescent and early twenties. You then increase your speed and spin as fast as you can, which I think will correspond to the middle ages where you amass a lot of wealth and build a family. And then you can take it no more, so you stop. I consider this to be the retirement stage. When you lie on the ground and watch the world spin , it will be your old age, reminiscing and watching others trying what you did . And finally the world comes to a halt and you are no more.......

PS: I know it is heights of imagination but just thought I'd share it with you guys :D


Hermit Chords said...

Good way to prepare for a drunkard's role, moments before you come on stage :D

I loved the way your head spins when you suddenly stop and sit down. The world is exactly as it was, nothing's changed because of you, but in your mind the universe churns and spins cataclysmically...

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Vidya said...


'drunkard's role'.. he he he.. ya true..Hmm yes the mind is a very enigmatic thing.. It guides you and the same time it lies to you. And this is one instant where it lies to you.. :D


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Jagan said...

rombha philosophy ah ?