Sunday, October 30, 2005

A full cycle...

I have wondered about the existence of GOD.. I have questioned myself and many others about His existence but never actually got a satisfactory reply..(Hmmm.. I wonder why we refer to GOD as Him and not Her or It....a good topic for my next blog I guess)

I have come a full cycle . First it was my mom telling me that God existed in the pictures and every thing around you.. even in you.. the umpteen stories that I have heard as a child .. the "Prahalada kadai" for instance. But then as I was growing up I started questioning His existence.. Where does God come from.. does He have a start and an end point? if He were omniscient why doent he gratify all your whims and fancies.. These were questions that bothered me and soon I started disbelieving in Him..I vehemently disageed on any theory put forth by others to convince me of his presence. I strongly believed that work or my" Karma" alone can yield me success..

But it was my twelfth class exam results that shook me.. I was first throughout the year and somehow .. I dont know what happened it was my Physics paper, it got lost and I was graded very low in the exams... it shattered me.. I believed until then Hard work and hard work only pays but here I was with proof that hard work alone does not pay.. call it luck(bad or good), call it His will .. the fact remains that there is something beyond our ken that has a hand in the way your life goes...What is this Force .. if I may call it that, that plays such hugh role in your life? Now I dont have an answer to that..

So now.. I have come a full cycle.. I now believe in some superior Force beyond our Ken. Call it God. Call it Knowledge call it any thing you want.. But it know that It exists..

May the Force be with you
(ya.. i flicked the phrase from Star Wars :)