Monday, May 29, 2006

Slushy Float

A friend of mine ordered "Slush", Black current "Slush" at that. It is made of crushed ice and syrup. My friend had just one sip and said it "sorry boss, I cannot have this.. its awful"..

We felt sorry for the guy and asked him to order something else. This time around he ordered "Float" , Orange "Float" at that. Now u can guess what that is... he he .. It was Orange "Slush" with Ice cream on it..

Poor guy.... u shud have seen the look on his face. Like a sad little puppy :) .. The entire gang started laughing and only stopped when we all went back home :)

Friday, May 12, 2006

Gold or Golden....

Did u see the rate of gold in the market? My God... Its Rs.967 per gram of gold. It has doubled in just 6 months. And thats not it.. it seems to be rising as fast as the heat in Chennai and predicitons are that it will reach as high as Rs.1500..:O

Okay now let me come to the most important questions. What is it about ornament gold that makes it so valuable. Why is it that people attach so much importance to gold. Agreed that it is the most malleable and ductile metal. Agreed that it is inert to most chemicals. But that does not make it so precious or does it..

Now what can we do about the price rise.... Well because of the price rise and the forecast people are buying more gold saying it is an investment. I think we shud boycott gold for sometime.. There are other metals too, that look good on jewellery..

Now dont get me wrong... I am just thinking aloud... wondering if we shud buy gold at all......

Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Star Wish..

Star light Star Bright
The first star I see tonite
I wish I may, I wish I might
Get my wish true tonite

Today after a long long time I saw the first star in the sky and immediately I closed my eyes and made a wish and when u open ur eyes u must look at a lucky person.. I was on the road so it was the person in front of me.

I dont believe in it now but its something that has stuck on from when I was a child. Its a superstition, yes. Just like children believe that there is a tooth fairy who gives us money in exchange for our teeth. I knew little boys who tried to pull out their teeth to get more money. But all this is fun. U do eventually understand that none of this is true and yet u believe. Why is that? I dont know for sure

Perhaps something real good happened when I wished for the first time or maybe I just hope that it may happen soon. What ever the reason, at that point, for one instant, when I wish, I truly believe that what I wish for will come true....

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Giving brings Happiness

Until now, I have never felt happy about giving anything coz when I give, it will ususally be something I cherish and I part with it... My dad always says, "Giving brings more happiness" but I always refuse to even give it a thought. Does it even make sense.. giving.. and bring happiness? definitely not. How can you be happy if u part with something that u cherish or buy something that u think.. I repeat think will make another person happy.Even if it is not something that is mine, nothing really gave me pleasure coz when I bought a gift, I'd buy something that none of us had and that would make me more unhappy..

But, recently, I gave a gift to a very close friend of mine. The happiness on his face when he got it, well .. I have no words to explain that. I felt happy too.. I felt like I had touched somebody's heart for the first time. Then i understood what Appa meant by, "Giving brings more happiness"

But there is just one thing I noted. It is not what you give that matters, it is the feeling with which you give it that matters. This time I wanted to give this present to him and boy, I have never been happier in my life about giving gifts to people. I guess I have grown up..... ;)