Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Star Wish..

Star light Star Bright
The first star I see tonite
I wish I may, I wish I might
Get my wish true tonite

Today after a long long time I saw the first star in the sky and immediately I closed my eyes and made a wish and when u open ur eyes u must look at a lucky person.. I was on the road so it was the person in front of me.

I dont believe in it now but its something that has stuck on from when I was a child. Its a superstition, yes. Just like children believe that there is a tooth fairy who gives us money in exchange for our teeth. I knew little boys who tried to pull out their teeth to get more money. But all this is fun. U do eventually understand that none of this is true and yet u believe. Why is that? I dont know for sure

Perhaps something real good happened when I wished for the first time or maybe I just hope that it may happen soon. What ever the reason, at that point, for one instant, when I wish, I truly believe that what I wish for will come true....


Hermit Chords said...

ah...where would we be without stories and myth O vidushi? through these myths we also learn to respect the universe that we're part of...and through eductaion, through growing up, we forget.

gils said...

i've never heard of tooth fairy as a kid...first star??apdina??sharukh khan movies neriya paapelo... ;) KKHH effecta :D...i've staked claim over the brightest star on the night sky visible to 4 kannans like me wearing POWERFUL kannadis...sila naliku cloudya irunthu if i am not able to c it..feel bit alone..enga ponalum koodavay yaaro thalaiku mela irukara gives a feel :)