Friday, November 14, 2008

My Laundry fiascos

I was a typical kid brought up in C(India). I have never washed clothes, folded or ironed clothes. When I came to the states, I had enough clothes for the first two weeks so I didnt have to go to the laundry room. And then.. the nightmare started.. I have a bunch of clothes all piled in a corner of the room. I had to take them to the laundry room to do my laundry.. huh.. what.. I thought you had it at home.. Ya right welcome to the world of apartments and coin laundry.

I ask my roommate who is the "most " helpful person to guide me.. she says.. " The machine is on the top floor of this building. go and do your laundry there. Take your clothese in your stroller if you want." I gather my clothes and go up to the laundry room. Now I load my clothes into a machine that is empty. Now what do I do next?

It then dawns on me that I need the detergent.. So I rush down stairs and borrow laundry detergent from my friend. Now the machine is all loaded and everything. I click the start button but the laundry machine does not start.. I wonder why.. I turn the knob, adjust the clothes inside the washer. i try everything. Nothing seems to help. I see a $ sign.. Now that means money.. But I never used to see Amma pay money for laundry .. So whats with this machine. luckily a lady walks in with a pile of clothes to launder. I ask her, innocently, what do I need to do? She says I need to put in coins so the machine would start. I again go back to my room and grab the cash and complete my laundry.

When the clothes come out of the dryer.. they are all dyed in a shade of blue.. I wonder why...........