Sunday, December 18, 2005

Bluffmaster- Review

We were out on a team outing and there were six movies runing, Aaru, Kanda Naal Mudhal,Sandakozhi, Thavamai Thavamirundu, King Kong and Bluffmaster. Except bluffmaster,I had the reviews of all the other movies. So we decided to take the risk and it paid off ..

Bluffmaster is a good entertainer. Personally, I do not like AB(Jr) or Priyanka Chopra. But their chemistry was too good on the screen. With a down to earth character, she looks so natural. She seemed really right for the charater( Something like Asin in Gajni.. she was just right for the role).

The movie begins with gangster type scene with two guys negociating over a phone call. You wonder if this movie is gonna turn out like all the other Gangsta movies but you are in for a surprise!!

The story is about a guy how hoodwinks people and robs them. He compares people with the various types of fish.. a very interestng analogy. He makes a living out of this. Like any other story he falls in love with this girl and proposes to her. They decide to get married and on their engagement day, the truth about his profession is revealed. Now this guy is really really dejected and all .. Then one day he faints and they find out that he has brain tumour. (all that u can get in a masala movie).. The guy is dejected ..

Here is where the best line in the movie comes doc asks him ' How many days of your life do you remember? 10? 20 ? okay 30 days? 30 days out of 30 years of living.. So why waste the rest of the days complainign that you dont have more to live. live life to the fullest.. "

The most interesting character is the Villian played by Nana Patekar. A superb character. Right from his intro scene he captures the attention of the audience(I am a little partial to Villians.. amazing scope for acting..)The scene where a guy accidentaly hits his car and says,'it just looks like a little scratch, here is my card. I will pay for all the damages' and NP says, 'Do you have a pen please?' The guy gives him the pen and NP hurts him on his face and says, 'it just looks like a little scratch, here is my card. I will pay for all the damages'. Wow .. that was an amazing scene... He even takes an arathi of himself! The twist in the movie comes in the climax. I wont tell you what the twist is. But it really takes you surprise.

Overall, I would rate Bluffmaster 7 out of 10. A lot of humour thrown in and enough action to keep you on the edge of your seat. Its a good movie to watch....

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gils said...

i liked the movie very much..gotta vcd of my own...gud time pass movie