Thursday, December 29, 2005

Oh Butterfly! Butterfly!

I was out for a walk in the near by park where I noticed lots of kids playing . It brought back memories of my childhood days. Some of them were on the swing, some on the slide, some on the sea-saw while others flying a kite. But there was one little kid, who was moving stealthily towards a bush like a tigress moving towards her prey. I moved a little closer to her to see what she was upto and to my surprise I saw a bright orange and black butterfly, perched on a milky white flower and drinking in the honey. As I moved towards her the little girl turned towards me, wide-eyed with a finger on her lips urging me to be slient. Slowly she moved towards the butterfly and caught it by its wings. The triumph on her face was a real treat. I then began to wonder what she was going to do with it... Well she looked at the poor butterfly, gave it a soft kiss and let it go.... It just brought a smile on my face.

Its is really rare to find children playing out in the open, running and chasing each other. Now that the TV and computers have taken over the play world ...(sigh). But it has become even more rare to see a kid chasing butterflies, catching them and letting them go!Its so much fun... and the thrill that you get when u catch one of them...... The yellow ones used to be very difficult to catch, I remember.. It is these small joys in life that makes life worth living :D


Ashwin said...

"Its is really rare to find children playing out in the open, running and chasing each other. "
It is really hard to find open places now a days...Konjam idam kidacha kuuda plot potu vithuduvaanga....apparam enga vilaidudhu!!...Naan ground vaanganumna Parangi Malai uchi-ila daan vaanganum ;) Madras-la vera engaiyum edam illa.. :)

Balaji said...

so true. today's children seem to be missing out on a lot of the simply joys i used to have without technology's help! i too remember chasing after butterflies as part of my biology class :) today they'll probably play a video game where they catch butterflies with a net!!

Penti said...

Paati maadhiri pesara. :-P But its true that TV and computers have robbed people of playing in the open.

Vidya said...

@Ashwin - he he .. true chennai illa enga idam ippo

@ Balaji - your r right.. Guess they catch butterflies with children across the globe :)

@Penti - Hmm enna panna vayasu aagiduthu :( .. But Delli ki Raja naalum Patti sollai tataadhey :D..