Tuesday, February 14, 2006

SMS Language

"U mst do tis by urself"

My friend was starting at the monitor for a long time. I just peeped into his monitor and saw this written on his screen

"U mst do tis by urself"

He didnt say anything so I didnt bother. But a little while later he calls to me to help him correct this line

'You must do this to urself'

He showed me the green zigzag line that Word draws on your screen when it thinks what you have written is not right :) I thought he was kidding me. Well I should let u in on the background of this Guy. He is an cellphone addict.. He is always hooked onto his cellphone listening to the radio or chatting to somebody or if nothing else sending SMSes :)

Now the language that ppl use in SMS is always encrypted. Half the time I spend trying to decrypt these messeges. I wonder why ppl send messages that are encrypted. Ask them and they'll tell u that it is faster that way and that is the SMS trend.. Only through experience do u learn what each word is. When u think you have mastered this language a new word will pop up.

Okay, so this guy asks for help . He says 'Ms V I dont know whats wrong with this blasted machine' . One look at the screen and I said the spelling of yourself isnt urself but it is yourself.. And he says, 'Ah! yes.. so thats the problem'

SMS has created a lot of problems. One is that people forget the right spelling( not that they know in the first place) and two they start using them even in formal mails/letters. I read a while back that there are a number of cases reported in the hospital of sore thumbs. Thanx to SMSs where thumb is very vital to type messages.. Hmm I think a voice to text s/w would solve this problem .. what do u say? I for one.. take a long time to type so I hardly ever SMS.. But I guess it will be useful to those whose lives are dominated by SMS right from saying Good Morning to Good Night..

beep beep ... Oh there it comes again another one..

So, IMHO SMS s mrdrin d eng. lng

( Seri me shall give u the decrypted version - In my humble opinion SMS is Murdering the English Language)


Sujit said...

Ahhhhhhhh.. short cuts horrible... that too SMS.. Once one of my friend addict of chat, sent a mail to prof in chat language. The prof. replied immediatly telling that first learn how to write mails and then ask your doubts. The reply, took a toll of him and there after he completly stopped using chat language.

I never liked that too shortcut words.. and neither I use. But I do not blame who use it and are comfortable with encrypt-decrypt world :)..!..

kaushik said...

i heard they are convertinng the entire shakespere work to sms lang in uk....it is the only way todays generation will read shakespere it seems

hpy rdng
nc pst

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

atleast here this craze hasnt really got on...it 5c for each message.

Your Vakil said...

In my initial days of cellphone use, I got an innocuous SMS from a friend asking "Whats the poa for the day?". being a lawyer,a poa naturally translates to "power of attorney"!!! and innocently I replied "why should I have a power of attorney for the day?"! I have been taunted like hell for this reply eversince. some of these messages are really a challenge to decipher :)

Shastry said...

wat s ur pbm in dis? v hlp ppl save time. v educate d society in a new way. v use the tchnlgy in effctv way

Vidya said...

@Sujit - he he.. c thats what I meant..

@Kaushik - ya I read about it too.. and I for one was cursing the.. nalla naaliliye onnum puriyaadu .. lemme try to decode..

hpy rdng - Happy reading
nc pst - nice post

@Vijay - hmm.. 5c is definitely cheaper than calling right??

@Mukund - poc na Plan of action aa???

@Shas - no problemo... just that puriya maatengaradhu.. 'educate society' yaame...hmm.. ennavo pannunga pa

Neema! said...

He He.......I use such coded language and when some people ask me to decode, I curse this language as well as those people!

unknown said...

reg ur comments in my blog..
what ur dad told is true..
sms language..ya horrible..so many time i misunderstood what my friend send me..

Your Vakil said...

romba naal kazhichu dhaan poa na plan of action-nu terinjudu :)

Jagan said...

me too didnt understand it for long ..but am used to it now . u cant survive if u cant read the msgs :-)

Vidya said...

@Neema - Hmm.. poor ppl .. and u curse them to top it all!!!

@ammu - he he .. isnt it really irritating

@mukund - :)

@Jagan - still trying to figure it out :)

Demonic Dude said...

How true.. sms just screws up the beautiful language.. btw you can check out my blog where i've put up a funny sms conversation

Sujit said...

And you continue to use chat language?? :).. with u and c and all!!

Anonymous said...

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