Monday, February 27, 2006

Hairy Fairy Tale - Part II

PS: If you have not read the Part I please do read it first .. I will be refering to some of the characters here.. :)(PS inside PS: I know PS is Post Script.. But I have redefined it as Pre-requisite Script :D)

The next time I went to the beauty parlor was a whole new experience. Until then, I had only witnessed all the things that were done to all those ladies. But this time I went in there to 'Shape my eyebrow' .. You would think that this is the most simple thing.. Just a few strokes and it is done..But no it is one helluva painful process ..

Okay So I went in and told the lady in charge ( ya the red lipstick one) that I wanted my eyebrows done.. I had never done it before so was a little apprehensive about what was in store. As usual I was asked to wait.. They lady sitting next to me looked like a seasoned customer.. So I warily asked her,"Um.. Does threading hurt??". She gave me an amused look and said,' No dear, just a little .. like mosquito bites.. thats all".. Mosquito bites.. yieeekkkks!!(nala naalilliye nambalukkom mosquitoeskum aagaadu..hmm.. )

After waiting in the que for half an hour almost, finally my turn came.. I was happy that the wait
had finally ended but worried that I would have to face the mosquitoes whatever.. The seat was like the Dentist's chair with a lot of things jutting out.. I went there and sat gingerly. A sweet looking lady came to me and said,"First time, is it? Dont worry it will be alright." She took a tiny tooth brush ..( er.. I believe it is not called a tooth brush .. But it looks like one so I think I will stick to calling it that.. )and started brushing my brows with it.. Hmm.. only then did i know that you can comb your eyebrows too !!!!

The lady took out a peice of thread, held one end of the thread in her shiny white teeth and twisted the other end repeatedly until it became a coiled rope.. She then bent over my face and with the thread moved it across my eyebrow..As she moved towards my face she came so close that I could see the patterns on her teeth.( If you have not noticed them before .. well get your eyebrows threaded ..he he ). It was like looking at her teeth and face through a magnifying glass.. it appeared gigantic.

The first stroke was really painful.. Is this what u call a mosquito bite?? I wonder what the size of a mosquito would be at her place ???.. Ouch... Ouch... I kept flinching and crying.. But In the end.. it was worth it.. out came Ms.V with a bright face and arched eyebrows.

Well it takes a little getting used to. Once you are used to it.. u still crib .. well I do :) .. But your face does looks bright and nice :) which is perhaps why all we girls do it..


Vasu the terrible said...

:).... I dont think it is worth the effort, given that you have to stare at someone's teeth... or is it ?


Naveen said...

thanks for the gyan :) I've never been inside a beauty parlour, so I'll use your experiences to know what exactly happens inside them..he he

Shastry said...

Nalla velai..... engala mathiri pasangalukku indha mathiri ellam onnum illa..... thappichom... oru doubt.... andha lady oru velai avangaloda teetha nee sonna (tooth) brush la thaan velakkuvaangalo? paavam ne.... (ennaoda karpanai romba over la? )

Neema! said...

Hey Vidya, Me just back from the parlor too..but its just worth it, You feel so good and confident....Now a days lotsa guys also go for threading.............Actor Shaam is one good example!!!!

Ash(win) said...

Beauty tip for u(no chemicals, fully natural) A lil' bit of honey, konjam milk....Nalla mix pannu...konjam kunguma poo pottu thiruppi nalla kalakku...Apply it on ur face preferably during night...leave it for six hours...
Adhukku apparom ezhundhu paaru...Un face pink colour-la irukkum...Cheeks rendum tomato colour-la irukkum....(Pinna, indha maadhiri appindhu padutha, yerumbhu summa viduma... ;))

Money back guarantee

rowdyrascal said...

Vidya do u really think tat it is worth the pain?
The thought of it even frightens me.
Ashwin brilliant.

Shikha said...

My eyes water even now while threading..and so I dont go to thread unless its really required

Vidya said...

@Vasu - hmm.. lemme think about it

@Naveen - good.. perhaps why I wrote this :)

@Shas - LOL eppadi ippadi ellam huh??? vellai ye illa pola?

@Neema! - ya thats true..

@Ashwin - LOL sooper comment po.. Best comment award tarein unakku

@RowdyRascal - can I call u RR? ya true but the ouput is very tempting

@Shikha - me too !!!! try to put it off as much as possible.. :)

Yadhvi said...

vidya, you really had your eyes open?! same here...I delay it as long as the eyebrow looks like a caterpillar..

Sujit said...

still questions pondering about threading?..!! leave this off..!!

As(hw)in said...

Award eppo vaangikkalam???....What is the cash prize?? (I can accept check also, no probs) :)

Vidya said...

@Yadhvi - ya I did the first time.. ippo illa.. he he same pinch :)

@Sujit - vidarathu kashtam pa!!

@Ashwin - hmm.. nan american policy than follow pannuvein.. Only praise.. no cash!!!!

Demonic Dude said...

yaen ma u ppl torture yourself? :-p you should name it hairy scary tale, not hairy fairy tale :D

Sujit said...

ok o k.. so how are things going on.. on other part of the work world..

Nana said...

hello, just came across your blog. interesting entry. so you did threading? what's the pain like? sorry, just trying to find out coz i'd like to get my eyebrows shaped too..never done that before and am too scared of the pain!