Sunday, January 29, 2006

What did one telephone tell another?


Seagull said...

Well I thought I should think over it for at least 12 hours :D ! So after so much of thinking...there are many things that it can say:

a. Come closer honey, I can't hear you :P (since Tele = far)
b. Hello my dear wrong number
c. And if they were connected to modems then they will only HANDSHAKE...and say triii laaaa truuu...etc etc :P !
d. And if they are tamilians they will say - "Dey macha !!"
e. OK if they had watched Gemini, then they will say "O podu"
f. If they are rajni fans then - "Baaaaaaaba" :D

Vidya said...

@Seagull - nice try.. and a whole lot of interesting suggestions.. Well it isnt any of them.. it is pretty simple

Yadhvi said...

'Hallo'? or
'trring...trring'? or
'Am engaged'?

Seagull said...

what did it say :( ? i thought phones were interesting conversators :D OK last try.


kaushik said...

those f****** cellphones!

Vidya said...

@Yadhvi - u r close but just a few words illa miss

@Seagull - hmm.. they are but thats not the right answer

@Kaushik - sorry wrong number

Okay So here is the answer :

'Lets get Engaged :)'

Yadhvi said...

naan dhan win!!