Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Evening is the best time of they day. I love the pallete of colours that nature creates at twilight. She unleashes some of her best compositions then.. I read in a fellow blogger's post, where he compares nature to an invisible painter. I liked that comparison very much. Very true isnt it.. The azure sky slowly turns pale pink and gets darker and deeper to a dull orange.. where the Sun appears like an orange cradled in cotton ..slowly dipping and vanishing into the horizon. If you listen carefuly you can even hear a blip when the sun sets :). Even after the sun has sunk you can still see the few errant rays trying to brighten up our world while the darkness from the other side tries to swallow them.. The darkness finally wins..

The cacophonous melody of the homing birds that rush home to their hollows and bends in the trees. They seem to be in a hurry to get home, to the safety of their nests, to sleep and get refreshed for next day. The leaves of trees and plants seem to be drooping, sad that their beloved sun has disappeared. The flowers are no longer gay. Yet, from some other part, another life begins.. the life of the nocturnal..the crickets, the frogs, the owls, the flowers, the stars and the moon. The sight of Venus, the morning and the evening star on the horizon and the sound of night fall is distinct with the nocturnal beings welcoming the moon and the stars.

There is something inexplicably romantic about dusk. Dawn is good, but to me Dusk is the best time of the day :) ( guess me am too lazy to wake up in time for dawn:). It makes me sad that I no longer have a garden to just sit down and while away my evening, watching the sun sliently dip into the horizon whispering.. 'Shubha Ratri' and making a silent promise that he will rise again.


Vidya said...

I am so with you there ! I used to love sitting in our terrace garden in India especially in the evenings. One day , I missed it so much that I decided to set up a garden here in the USA too. Gardening is a project in itself. It took me half of a hot summer day. But I was so proud at the end of it. I used to sit and read in my patio during summer and fall. Right now , I am waiting for spring to come by so that my plants will come to life again !
Well, I hope that they are alive. I have been conveniently forgetting to water them ever so often !!

Anyway, lets see ! :)


Naveen said...

Nice one!

If you listen carefuly you can even hear a blip when the sun sets :) - Wow!thats poetic and quite unnatural :)

The darkness finally wins -Is there something called as darkness? Isn't darkness the state that occurs in the absence of light? :) So, I would've said, The light finally faints - Would ya agree with me?

Vidya said...

@Vidya - U did mention about your plants in an older post of yours. Hope they spring to life (in spring)

@Naveen - I like to look at day and night as two different entities.. It is like a war between the two and you know the result..:) But yes u can say the light finally fails.. but thats not how I think of nature.. every abstract thing is an object to me ( seri roomba ooritein velai illa adhu than object, class nu penathindu irukein :D)

Arvind said...

Hmmm...surya fan, writing about Sayamkala in all glory huhh ! :-? ;)

gils said...

seriously..engenthupa ivlo time kidaikuhu...ukkanthu porumaiya ivlo detail observe panna?..not tht i race against time all the while...but still...

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