Monday, January 16, 2006


My weekend began, as usual, with me getting out of bed late.. But once I was up I could not switch on the TV. I had moved to my Thatha's place and there is no TV here. The very thought.. 'No TV!!' is scary..What will I do for the whole of two days. My friends were not in station, so I couldnt go out to meet them either. The prospect of spending two full days without a TV looked pretty daunting..Until last weekend, I did not realize how addicted I have become to the Idiot Box.

I tried to read a couple of magazines. But still time seemed to move very slowly. I listened to some music..I racked my brain.. Still didnt know what else I could do.. It looked like time was actually moving reverse rather than forward.. heights of boredom... Oh I forgot to tell u no comp either.. During the week I can manage without TV or comp.. as I come home late from work have dinner, maybe a novel and then to bed.. So you dont have to kill too much time.. But weekends is a completely different story..

But now I realize that TV sucks up so much of your useful, fruitful time.. Whoever called it an Idiot box, called right. Now I am making a conscious effort to avoid watching TV.. God it is one big addiction..
I have never thought I was very attached to people. Everybody I know says that I am a little detatched. But I dont know why, when Thatha fell ill I was really worried. I just could not think about anything else. I dont show out my anxiety but deep down there is a fear, a concern. Perhaps this is what they call love for a person? I wish there was no time lag, no visa and stuff. I could just fly to the US and visit Thatha..Now, all I can do is to hope Thatha gets well soon.


Seagull said...

No TV ~ I am used to it now.But no computer is difficult to imagine :)

In a way I consider myself lucky. If therez no one around, I sing. I create my own music ~ basically a jugglery with sa ri ga ma pa etc etc...Its no good :P

Else I write ~ random stuff. Or I try to remember things from the past ~ random recollections which often become a blog. Some stories I never write, some others I compose and by the time I write they are something else.

And life goes on...weird ! we all need someone to talk to. Seldom do we speak to ourselves and find comfort in it :) ! OK Enough ! :D :D :D !

BTW, I like this song "Hello, I am your mind, giving you someone to talk to" of Evanescence.

Naveen said...

Hey, You've been tagged..Check out my latest post for more details..:)

Ash said...

Practically I stopped watching TV as soon the STBs came into effect..BTW, I call these STBs Idiot boxes ;)
Dont worry ur thatha will get well soon especially when he has a loving and affectionate grand daughter :)

Vidya said...

I was real close to my thatha too !! Even when I was a little girl, I would send letters to him filled with PJ's. Half the time he wouldn't understand my bayangaramana kadi jokes !! Anyway, reading through your blog made me miss my thatha real bad !!

I hope your thatha gets better real fast !

Vidya said...

@Mr.Seagull - 'Seldom...' Good thought that .. I am very introspective.. but oflate I do want people around..

@Naveen - Dont quite believe in this but will think about it..

@Ashwin - :) Thank you..

@Vidya - Thank you for your wishes. Thatha is getting better.. :)