Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Floods in Tamil Nadu

For the last five years there has not been adequate rainfall in Chennai.. as a matter of fact in the entire state, which left its dwellers in draught. Last year, this time, people were cursing the weather God for not showering us with enough rain. There were even the a yagas done in order to please the Rain God but no, mother nature was very stubborn..she wouldnt budge..

It seems quite ironic to me, now, a year later, she is showering us with her magnanimity. So much that we are literally drowning in her benevolence. There is so much rain now, that people are praying for it to stop. I wonder why she is so angry with us or is she depressed and crying her heart out? ..

Its really heart rending to see the plight of the people in Cuddalore District of Tamil Nadu. Three depressions(in the bay) in quick succession brought in so much rain that it has flooded the entire stretch. Never has Tamil nadu seen so much rain, not in 50 years. People living in this area have lost everything- their land, their crops and everything they owned. Not an inch of land is visible. The rooftops of the flood washed houses look like islands in the middle of the sea.

There is aready a fourth one brewing.. Dont know when Mother Nature will be done with her revenge on us poor humans.. I just pray that she is pacified soon....

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