Sunday, November 27, 2005

24th November 2005..A special day

Gr8 day. For one, it was my birthday. I also got an appreciation note from our client.. :) The day began as usual, got out of bed late.. Only difference today being that everybody at home said 'Happy Birthday' instead of 'Good morning'. Hurriedly, I got ready and started for work. Most of my friends remembered.(It feels good when ppl remember u on your B-Day)

Today, CTS had decided to celebrate its yearly cultural fest and I decided to go!I haven't been to a cultural fest in a long time now.. As a matter of fact not since my tenth grade ..hmmm wonder why I have stayed away for so long... anyways it was good. The music, the crowd(generally stay away from them), the dance and the whole atmosphere...I screamed, shouted, cooed and enjoyed myself thoroughly. Rocket ellam vittein :)

Usually my birthday celebrations are limited to my friends and family but this time it was different.. The entire company.. close to 8000 people were rejoicing on my Birthday..Yes not all of them knew it was my Birthday but ...any birthday means celebrations and everybody was celebrating.. so it just seemed to me that they were celebrating my Birthday..

But....just one thing that I was sad about.. Unlike all my birthdays, this time around I did not have a birthday cake :(..Hmm a Birthday does not seem complete without the Bithday cake, does it? So now, I have decided that I will celebrate all my birthdays by cutting my Birthday cake( childish as it my seem to you I think we must all indulge the child in us!!!!).And I know I will cut a Birthday cake even at the grand old age of eighty if I ever live to be that old :D


Seagull said...

Belated "Happy B'day". Not sure when you are going to see this :D !!

You remain a real enigma for me. I know so many Vidyas in Cognizant.

Do drop in a mail whenever you get time :) !

~ Anand

Arvind said...

Belated bday wishes :)