Monday, April 03, 2006

94444 44414 & 28999599

Have you noticed the way people spell out the phone numbers? I was just thinking about how they spell out er.. read these out. Each person has a different way of doing it. Now, isnt that confusing?

You are used to a certain way of reading the telephone number and suddenly, somebody calls you and adds a different punctuation and reads the number to you in a completley new way. Would you understand it? Well for me, I kinda get dis-oriented for a while..I guess my brain is tuned to look at the phone numbers in a certain way and a new way is well, new.....

Okay let us take the example of this cell phone number 94444 44414 ( I do not know whose number this is but it just caught my fancy ) and some of the ways or saying it..

Person 1 : 94(Ninety four) 44(fourty four) 44(fourty four) 44(fourty four) 14(fourteen)
Person 2 : 9(Nine) 444(triple four) 444(triple four) 414(four one four)
Person 3 : 94(Nine four) 444(triple four) 444(triple four) 14(One four)
Person 4 : 9(Nine) 44(double four) 44(double four) 44(double four) (That is three double fours.. this is for extra clarity that people say ) 414(four one four)
Person 5 : 9(Nine) 444(triple four) 4(four) 444(triple four) 14(One four)

When it comes to landlines numbers, it is more fun.. Say you have a number 28999599. The possiblities are little less, I know, but I have heard the weirdest possible ones in these eight digits. Not just the punctuation that differs but also the language.. and if u r someone like me(only the English!)..then man that is surely gonna drive you nuts. Okay so here are some ways of spelling it out

Person 1 : 2(Two) 899(Eight Nine Nine) 95(Nine Five) 99(Nine Nine)
Person 2 : 28(Two Eight) 999(triple Nine) 5(Five) 99 ( double Nine)
Person 3 : 28(iravathi yetu) 99(tonutri onbadhu) 95 (tonutri anju) 99(tonutri onbadhu) (same as Person 2 but in tamil tho!!!)
Person 4: (I term this to be the best I have heard so far..)
rendu kodi, enbathi onbadhu lashathi, tonutri onbadhu aayirathi, ainootri tonutri onbadhu

Oh my God! the number of combination!!!! I am not putting them all no...that would take me ages...
Well, I understand that each person is unique and has a unique way of "looking" at things. But, just one question.. Shouldnt we have one standard way of reading phone numbers?wouldnt that make lives of people like me easier??

Disclaimer : All the numbers mentioned above are numbers that caught my fancy and any resemblence to an existing landline or cell phone is a mere coincidence.


coolkrishnan said...

Same thoughts about phone nos. have come to my mind in the past.
Nicely put down to words !
I prefer the 5-5 splitting for mobile nos, and 4-4 splitting for landlines....

Found your posts interesting...

Have a nice day !

Anonymous said...

Wow!! You do have your pet peeves don't you? Anyways try the following grouping. Maybe it will help in the future 3 numbers, 3 numbers then remaining. U should also look at date formats.

kaushik said...

ha ha ha
even i get dis-oriented when phone numbers are not presented in my style, that being for cell, first five digits and a paus follwed by the next five and for land line ,2-pause-the next three-pause- the final four

karthik said...

Technically speaking, yes we do have a way to spell out the numbers. Landline phones are 10 digits with the STD Code varying from 2-4 digits, followed by the Telephone exchange code which again ranges from 2-4 digits and then followed by the line number.

So in your example 44 - STD Code, 2899 - Exchange code, 9599 - Line number.. Technically it should be spelled out as (2899)(9599)....

Check out these if u are more interested.

But yes...our's is a free country...Why should we bother about all these technical stuff..It's upto the listener to interpret whatever we say..

Your Vakil said...

i have actually cut off calls to my no. when the person calling has spelt it in a different way from how i do it:) guess, the brain gets used to the specific sequence we use

Jagan said...

yeah , when the ppl ask if they hav reached the right number , it is so tempting to say "wrong number" rather than getting embarrassed .

Arvind said...

I think two people have already pointed out, what IMO is an easier convention to follow....

use, exchangecode-number - earlier, when 7 digit phone was in vogue - 3+4 was the exchange-number combo

now it is 4+4

as far as mobile goes - i prefer 3(slight pause)2+3(slight pause)2

Hermit Chords said...

Very interesting. Maybe it's a good brain exercise, to force yourself to read out numbers in ways that are strange to you.

I follow a 5 + 3 + 2 sequence with my number. With my landline, it's 1 + 2 + 2 + 3! Very bizzare...

Vidya said...

@CoolKrishna - Thanx..ya I think that is the format I would follow... its easy that way

@Anon - hmm... roomba naal veli ooru illa irundhutelo?

@kaushik - precisely what I was saying in my post :)

@karthik - that u for the gyan

@Mukund - he he.. I have done that too

@Jagan - tempting?? purinja thane mudhala.. he he

@Arvind - yet another possibility

@Kaushik Ramu - he he .. there u go .. another one.. :) .. man this is confusing isnt it?

blogSurya said...

To make this more funny you can call it the way my Principal in school used to do in moral science class.

She was a mallu and to spell MOON,
She would start with,
M - would sound like YUM
O - ooooooooooooooo
O - Yet another O and then
N - YEN (not the Japanese)

Make your life more difficult this could be like, 94444 44414
94 yet another 4 yet another 4 yet another 4 yet another 4 yet another 4 yet another 4 yet another would be pissed off by then and easily could hang up.