Friday, January 20, 2006

Thamattavaraka and Aamanakku

I have heard of a number of varieties of beans. You have the English beans, the avarakai(dont know the english counterpart names but will give u a description of the vegetable) ( Flat broad beans) and the Kotthavarakai ( the think long light green ones). Three is all I know( contradicting my first sentence i know.. kandukadheinga) but only today I heard of a new variety .

Aparently this is a distant cousin of our beans called avarakai and this one is called Thamattavarakai :D...(I have been repeating this word the entire day in fear that I would forget it :) There was a creeper ouside our complex and a lady in the van that I take to commute to office was commenting on it when I got in today morning. She said 'Thamattavaraka'. I said 'Uma akka varala'. Everybody burst out laughing and then this lady points to this creeper and a fruit( er.. vegetable) and says 'Thamattavaraka'. It is a slimmer version of avarakai and I believe very tasty as well. That was one new word for the day

The second word was 'Aamanakku'. This again is a wild plant and people in the village extract oil from it. This oil is supposed to be the purest form of oil and has a lot of healing powers.

Good then. Two new words stored in my memory... but the one I like the most is the Thamattavarakai :)


Seagull said...

I am really AMUSED :d ! No better word to express what I felt after reading it :)) !

Don't know if you like 'Thamara-kazhangu Vatthal" - basically the shoot of lotus dried and fried :)) !

Vijay Ramamurthi said...


Naveen said...


Aamanakku is the seed from which they extract Vezhakkennai (Castor oil!) :)

Arvind said...

karamani ?

Jagan said...

uma akka varala ..ha ha ..nice one machi ..these words new to me too ..ofc , am only gud in madras tamil and not the sanga tamil crap ..

wanna learn madras tamil ?

kaushik said...

kothavarakka is awesome!!!
dont know abt other varieties...just eat up whtever mom cooks....
but anyways, really fine enjoyed it!!

ashwin said...

One thing I have noticed over the years is that any thing that's good for health doesn't taste good...So to stay healthy eat what u don't like (Punch line ;))

Avarakkai, Kothavaranga paartha-le allergy enakku ...Edhu poraadhu-nu ennum onnu veraiya....OMG!!!

Enakku therinja Beans...
1) Broad bean
2) Soyabean
3) Kidney bean
4) Coffee bean
5) Mr. Bean
and I like the last one only... :)

Vidya said...

@Mr.Seagull - I havent tasted that have heard that its good

@Vijay - :)

@Naveen - he he I didnt know that.. But I knew its usage :)

@Aravind - As I had mentioned I only remembered 3 :)

@Jagan - Hey naanum chennai than pa.. But Chennai slang is a little hard to immitate for me.. Altho I do understand it :)

@Kaushik - :) good you liked it

@Ashwin - semma punch dialog da! Eppadi ippadi evalo beans peru teinju vetcindu iruka?? sooper po!!

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gils said...

really amusing post......hmm...aamanaku...isnt it something to do with the diet of buffaloes...punnaku aamanakulaam ..hmm..sounds way too herbivorous..hehehe