Sunday, January 01, 2006

Muruga! Shanmuga! Karthikeya!

Karthik is a probably the most common Indian name I have come across. And for the number of Karthiks I know, I think I would need a personal assistant to keep track of all of them:)

Now Karthiks come in a number of variations. Some are called Kartik, while some call themselves KartHik and some others like to spell their name as Karthick(numerology stuff I guess). There are others whose fullname is Karthikeyan or karthigeyan who also call themselves Karthik. The end result - upto date I know about 25 karthiks. Somehow I manage to meet atleast one Karthik wherever I go!! So this time around I was thinking about maintaining an online list of the Karthiks I know.. I guess it will need constant updation :)

Okay, lemme start with my cousin Karthik. Then it was SK who was my schoolmate. My neighbour was also called Karthik. In my twelfth class my class alone there were two- KK and GK. There was also a commerce Student called Karthik. My VP's son was also called Karthik. I remember a senior who is now a playback singer TK from school.Then I have a couple of friends from NIIT called SK and BK. College is a place where get to find more karthiks.. sigh.. I knew about 4 of them.

It was at work that I got to know so many more Karthiks. To start with my PL was called Karthik. A team member was also called the same. Then there was this bay-mate called Karthik. An e-mail friend in office called Karthik. I used to travel by company Bus and used to get in at an intermediate bus stop. So I used to beeline to the first empty seat.(well didnt mind who was sitting in the next seat:). This way I made a couple of friend who were again called Karthik. Oh and a good friend of mine in office called karthik Vaidhinathan.

I guess that was twenty.. Then, I have a couple of chat friends whose ids are Kartik so I presume they are also called karthik. Well I think Balaji's Kid(a fellow Blogger whose blog I visit frequently) is also called Karthik :).He is probably the youngest in the list and most definitely the cutest. A couple of Film actors are also called Karthik. One is the old timer and the other who acted in kanda Naal Mudhal :). Ah I forgot to mention the numerous prospects for a possible alliance that I get whose names are Karthiks.. well if I include them, the list will reach half a century soon .. Well I decided not to include them as I have never met them...

The best part is that am still in touch with 15 of them.. :D. I have sort of made it a mission in life to remember all the Karthiks I have met. Well the list will be updated as and when I meet some more:).

PS: I was wondering if I should include all forms of Karthikeya's names.. what do u say.. shud I include them too??


shastry said...

Dats really true..... even i can mention some common names such that lakshmi, with many prefix or any suffix is the most common name for gals, as far as i know....

hey I shud appreciate the sense of humor that is embedded in ur blog.... really interesting and made me laugh aloud....

Seagull said...

Hi Vidya,

Saw your comment on my blog. Not sure how you came to know of my blog in the first place :)

Well I kind of know 2 Karthiks - and one of them we fondly call "Beach" :D ! A rather nerdish looking guy I must say :)

Me too from Chennai and a close friend of one Mr. Atticus Finch :).

Balaji said...

yep my little one's karthik :) we picked him cos the name seems popular in this generation but not in the next which seems to go for all modern-sounding names! seems to be working so far. haven't met any other babies called karthik :)

Arvind said...

Did you school at in and around Tambaram by any chance ?? :)

nonetheless, since am in love with Shanmughapriya ;) guess this will pause :)

BTB, ATB re:prospects :-)