Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Enna kodumai ithu..

Pongalukku mattundhan government leave vidumaa,

Idly thosaikellam kedayaadha??
Enna kodumai ithu….
----By idlykaga varutha padum iliaya thilagam

Translated for the non Tamil speaking bloggers:

'Will the Government give a Holiday only for Pongal Why not for Idly and Vada.. ?

-By a Youngster sympathising with Idly'

( Some things can never be translated, can it ?)


Vijay Ramamurthi said...

well here ill repeat the thathuvam thats going around "Pongaluukku pongal saappadalaam anaal diwalikku diwali saapda mudiyuma?"

athe maathiri pongal saapda pongal pandigai irukku..ana..idly thosaikku ellam..pandigai ellaye??

Seagull said...

Enakku pongal thaan pidikkum. Full Stop !

Naveen said...


Vitta maatukku mattum thaan pongala, manushangalukku illayanu kepeenga pola irukku :)

Translation: Is pongal celebrated only for cows not for humans??


Vidya said...

@Vijay - I got these thatuvams in a fwd 3 times o I thought ppl would know them thats why I did not post them.. But I liked the thought behind this one.. Oh I think I forgot to mention it is a fwd :)

@Seagull - pavam Idly Dosai ellam

@Naveen - Humans ikku than kaanum pongal iruke :)

Ash said...

Very good question...Why dont u file a PIL in the Madras High Court?? ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice Blog you have got.. Just came blog hopping..

One question. How does dosa get translated to vada? Some confusion... ;)


Carnival said...

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