Sunday, November 20, 2005

Boulevard of Broken Dreams....

I love this song by Green Day. You think about it and you realize how true it is. The lyrics are amazing..

The song starts like this,

"I walk this lonely Road
The only road that I have ever known"

Although there are so many people who come in and go out of our lives, don’t we all walk this lonely road called 'life'? He continues to say

"Don’t know where it goes
But its only me and I walk alone."

This journey through life is so unpredictable and fascinating that he says he really doesn’t know where it goes. We are the only people who embark on this journey, alone, treading the un-trodden paths of life. We do not know what life has in store for us, who will be part of it and who wont but we continue this journey in a hope to unravel the mysteries life poses to us.

The best line in the whole song is this

"My shadow is the only one that walks beside me!"

How true... coming to think of it.. Its only u (your mind and your physical self) that has to make it through this adventure …or is it misadventure… called life. Some are remembered for their adventures. and some aren’t... thats the way life is ...

The song represents a very individualistic idea..and that’s probably what I like about it.. The singer is a little depressed when he sings it ..that aside the song itself is very well written

PS: I am not disillusioned with life.. but this is yet another perspective to this "illusion" called Life!!! I hope, someday, I will unravel this mystery called "Life"

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gils said...

chancela..really liked it