Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Random Thoughts

Its been a long time since i wrote a blog. Since the time i have started working i havent realised how much i miss until saturday last ....After 2 months of hectic schedule and working for three weeks straight with no holidays in between, I finally got this weekend off. It was a day of rest and rest i did.. But while i was sitting in the balcony i saw pink flowers bloomed on the tree rite outside my flat. I wondered how i missed it this year. This was the tree we planted 4 of years back and it did not flower for the first 3 year. But bloomed last year . I was so thrilled to see the flowers then. And now one year later .. hear i am standing in front of the tree and not noticing that it is in full lossom. It is a pretty sight now. It has so many flowers that the leaves are almost invisible....That is when i realised that this working culture tha we have makes us mere Robots .. sitting in front of computers and typinginane stuff incessently .. What a life.. you only get to enjoy the small pleasure of life on pictures forwarded to u by some good soul...

But really we must all stop to think .. Is hat we r doing worth misssing so muuch?? After all we only have one life to live!!!

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